What's the Long-Term Outlook
for Your Melanoma?

Understanding your melanoma prognosis starts with knowing if you’re at high risk of your cancer recurring or spreading.

Unfortunately, traditional approaches to assessing risk levels may miss patients with aggressive tumor biology. In fact, the majority of melanoma-related deaths occur in stage I or II patients thought to be low risk by traditional staging factors alone.

Genomic Testing May Help

DecisionDx®-Melanoma More Accurately Predicts the Risk of Your Individual Melanoma Recurring or Spreading

Genomic testing with DecisionDx-Melanoma provides personalized information about your individual risk level, including the likelihood of sentinel lymph node positivity, so you and your healthcare professional can determine which treatment and monitoring plans are right for you.


DecisionDx-Melanoma Testing Process is Simple

The DecisionDx-Melanoma test is performed on existing tissue taken from your original biopsy or surgery, so there is no need for another procedure. Your healthcare professional can order the test for you.

DecisionDx-Melanoma is covered by many insurance plans including Medicare and the VA.

What's Next?

Is DecisionDx-Melanoma Right for You?

Download a discussion guide to help you and your healthcare professional discuss and decide if personalized genomic information from DecisionDx-Melanoma is right for you.

How Do You Use the Test Results?